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Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions, we'll try to answer all questions here, but of you need more help,

How do I join?
All you need do is to register as a member for FREE, afterwards, you can choose a plan of your choice and make payment for it.
How do I subscribe?
You can subscribe by making payment either online with your card, or a Bank Deposit/Transfer or via PayPal or Mpesa or MTN Mobile Money. Then follow the procedures to activate your paid subscription.
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How accurate are your tips?
We have dedicated tipsters that are committed to ensure you make more profits than loses during your subscription tenure scoring as high as 90% on the average.*
Do you sell fixed matches?
No we don’t deal on fixed matches. What we offer are well-analyzed predictions & tips.

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Are you a lover of football? Then you have probably heard of football betting, which many other football lovers are engaging in. It has become a trend to use their love for the game to gain passive income. You can also join the programme to make some money from your favourite sport.

But it goes without saying that betting is a risk and this discourages many people from enjoying the joys that could come from football betting. However, life itself is a risk and there is no worthwhile venture without risks; no pain, no gain.

On the other hand, one also has to take calculated risks and not just jump into every venture because it is risky. While betting is risky, engaging in it rightly will involve getting acquainted with the best prediction sites.

Every good punter knows that to guarantee more wins than losses, one must be armed with the right information, in the form the right prediction statistics.

Accurate football predictions are brought about through a critical study of past games, weather condition, home or away game, team form and even chemistry, star player form, injuries and suspension amongst others.

It will take someone who is constantly focused on all games and happenings around the sport to make accurate predictions and even as a sport lover, you cannot always have the time to come up with accurate predictions because unlike predictions sites who have taken it as their job to know, you might not have the time to analyse all these factors yourself to draw out correct conclusions, hence; the need for sites that predict football matches correctly.

This is where a football prediction site comes into play; we do the background job that goes into it and provides you with the accurate predictions and tips that will guarantee more wins.

Predictions always come in handy because betting is primarily about making the right predictions, so you are better equipped to enjoy playing your favourite markets.